Fact Checked Pandemic Research

Help me understand how it is ok to send our children and educators into a war zone with little or no protection to be exposed to a lethal virus that we are only just starting to understand, let alone have the tools to treat effectively.

As a parent, isn’t our our primary basic instinct is to keep our children alive?

Masks are not enough protection for that much contact and we still have resistance to the use of those.

Teachers are one of the most valuable resources we have and it was not enough to disrespect them with shitty salaries and unrealistic expectations. Now our country is demanding we send them into death traps with our children.


Teachers…I beg you to refuse to go into the classroom!!!!!

I feel as though I am watching a horror movie and can see all the telltale signs of a protagonist getting ready to be killed by the monster, yet they cannot see the red flags and cannot hear me yelling at the tv to warn them. 😪

A ton of folks have reached out to ask me what I am doing and let me be very clear. My children will not be attending any on campus programs until we get a lot more information and treatment options.

Our clan is adjusting and we will work together as a team to provide them with the best support we can for online learning and we will provide our usually home education.

  • Yes, our work will be less productive.
  • Yes, it’s not easy.
  • Yes, we will make less money.
  • Yes, we need to the organize our lives to the new normal and check out privilege at the door.
  • Yes, it requires us to make parenting our number one job.
  • Yes, it is not the same as the social experience of an on sight education.


  • My family will save lives by reducing exposure.
  • We are modeling the change we wish to see in the world.
  • My children are learning that they must think about more than themselves in the face of adversity.
  • My family is learning new Soothing Skills.
  • My family is learning how to be resilient and transform trauma into triumph.
  • My family is learning new ways to serve the community and themselves.
  • My family is learning what integrity is (that thing you do when no one is watching)
  • My family is learning that no matter what comes our way, together we can thrive through anything.
  • My family is reminded of what matters most and that is love, connection, and our roles in the community.
  • My family is learning new tools and skills for survival.

None of these things they learn in school, they get them at home. These are valuable life skills that I see has been lost in that last few generations 😞.

We are grateful that we do not yet have to hide underground, in someone’s attic or a work camp.

We are grateful that we, as parents, get the opportunity to teach these things to our children. They will need them to survive the future world we have created for them. It is our duty to prepare our children for the mess we made.

So, do I think it is safe to send you kids to school?

You tell me…

I work with dozens of front line scientists and front line healthcare workers. This is real and a virus that is unlike anything we have ever seen before. They say to stay the fuck home and wear a mask when going out. Only leave if absolutely necessary.

If you continue to believe this virus is a bunch of bull. I hurt mostly for your children because they will be ones to suffer your ignorance.

Do I live in fear… yes I do… mostly from the lack of intelligence or ignorance I see.

This largest problem in social media is that opinions are spread as facts.

I beg you, logically evaluate the things that you share. Go to fact checking sites, ask for sources, and learn how to evaluate facts from feelings.

Please watch this video on evaluating facts vs. opinion prior to reading anything from any news resource.

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